jensen gifford
vancouver, bc

Went out on the water last night with my best friends to catch the sunset and shoot some promotional photos for the forthcoming website of Yasmin Ali, a local yoga instructor.


The most beautiful time to be home.

Lana Pitre of Synthcake.

Caught our friends Jasper Sloan Yip and Raleigh play an awesome show last night at The Biltmore.

"The faces behind Googly Eyes Collective"

Went to the East Van Flea Market today and found an incredible deal on a set of four soft-box umbrella lights from a great guy named Skyler.

And so begins a new chapter in my photography.

Spent three days off the Coquihalla Highway on Falls Lake with some friends through work last week. I couldn’t get enough of the amount of different textures, both smooth and rugged.


Sunny and I just played an awesome show with these wonderful people this past weekend at The Rickshaw Theatre. We headed down to Chinatown to join in on the Lunar New Year festivities before they had to head home to Calgary. The last time they were in town, the drummer couldn’t join us, so we seized the opportunity this weekend to take some photos of the three of them together.

If you haven’t heard their music yet, I strongly suggest you check it out now. They’re a group of very smart people with great hearts who make beautiful, incredibly thoughtful music.

Click here for their bandcamp.

Nathalia Pizarro of Chains of Love.

Had a great afternoon shooting photos to accompany a feature article written by Shane Scott-Travis for Vivoscene. Click here for the link to his article.

If you haven’t heard Chains of Love yet, I suggest you check them out! They’re opening up for The Growlers on Wednesday, Feb 13th at Electric Owl.

Check out their Bandcamp page HERE

Had the opportunity to take photos at the Vancouver Idle No More rally for a website called GroundedTV which is orchestrated primarily by a man named Syd Woodward, along with many other very talented artists.

I’d been following along very closely with the online publications and word-of-mouth information passed around about what’s been happening across the country with aboriginal folks, so it was fascinating to see a rally of such vital importance come in to effect and to actually be a part of it. I fully support the indigenous people of Canada in their fight for their rights, and will do anything within my power to help them.

If you don’t know what the grassroots Idle No More movement is, I recommend you do your research. It’s paramount.

I am so grateful that I got to take part in the rally as much as I did, and that I was able to contribute my work towards it.

For the full album, click here.

Sonya Opal, a brilliant tattooist and artist, has graciously asked me to take photos to be featured on her forthcoming website portfolio. I’m really looking forward to its launch some time in early December, it’ll be great exposure of my work.

It’s been such a fun and interesting project so far. She’s given me creative control over the overall composition side of things, but has come to me with specific ideas on certain aspects such as up-and-close shots of her process, so it’s been great to have a collaborative feel.

I’ve really appreciated having a collective of like-minded artists who all want to collaborate and create new things together, it’s been increasingly inspiring and challenging. It’s enabled me to acknowledge certain parts of my creative process that I would have otherwise been unaware of, had I only continued to keep my work to myself.

Community’s everything to me.

Here’s a little peek at what our photos have looked like so far. The project will include fourteen photos in the end, so we’ve still got a bit of work to do together. I’m pretty pleased with the way these have turned out so far. Oh, and they’re all to be taken in B&W. Can’t tell you how happy that makes me.

DiSCORDER is a pretty amazing magazine in Vancouver. It’s the longest-running independent music publication in the city, is issued monthly, offers tons of exposure for local bands, and gives the opportunity for writers and photographers to have their own published work to build up a portfolio. Oh, and it’s FREE. You volunteer to write or take photos, and you have a monthly publication with your very own artwork in it. It’s awesome.

These images are from a photo shoot that I had the honour of doing back in October with the band Raleigh from Calgary (such a fantastic band). Taken as an accompaniment to a brilliant feature article written by Shane Scott-Travis for the December/January double issue, these photos will be featured in DiSCORDERS all throughout Vancouver. Couldn’t have happened without Shane asking me to take the photos.

We had our very first Googly Eyes costume party last night. Appearances were made by Axe Cop, Cassandra (that babe in the band Crucial Taunt from Wayne’s World. Remember her?), Jailbirds, a giant cigarette with a gun, Popeye, a young man in a Batman onesie, “Superstitious”, Sergeant Spaghetti, one of the guys from Autobahn, the nihilists’ band in The Big Lebowski and many, many more. Such an awesome night.

Sunny and I went for a big hike in the north shore mountains, the day I took these photos. I had been excitedly corresponding with a guy in Mount Pleasant area via e-mail about some darkroom supplies he was giving away for free, but he ended up giving them away to someone else before I could even get dressed, let alone get to his place. Pretty disappointed, I decided to just spend the day experimenting with different types of lighting and portraiture, and these are a few of what came out of it.

The ever-babely Julie Doiron from Sackville, NB graciously and adorably mesmerized us all at The Biltmore last night as part of Olio Festival 2012.

This was one of the first shows in quite a while where I was totally entranced and inspired by the skillful songwriting and just pure awesomeness. She brought me right back to being in the post-Sappyfest backyard party last summer where all of our close friends were standing around a fire, reminiscing about how beautiful the past weekend had just been.